GSD Charities and Funds

To participate in Ride-Walk-Run for GSD, there is a choice of two different charities to raise funds for.  Both of which are:
  • Cori's Disease Research Fund
  • Association for Glycogen Storage Disease - UK

Cori's Disease Research Fund

The Cori's Disease Research Fund (CDRF) is dedicated solely to funding research that aims to treat and cure Cori's disease, otherwise known as glycogen storage disease type III.

Recently created by us, the same organisers of Ride-Walk-Run for GSD, we plan to use this charity event to generate some inital funds that will allow the CDRF to be officially registered as charity.  We  intend this to be the first of many more fundraising opportunities in the future, whilst letting the charity grow, but most importantly, driving towards treatment and cures.

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Feel free to download the CDRF logo for your online profile .

Contact [email protected] for further information.

The Association for Glycogen Storage Disease UK

As quoted on the AGSD UK website
" The Association for Glycogen Storage Disease (UK) Limited aims to provide support to persons affected by Glycogen Storage Disease (GSD) and their families throughout the UK.
Our object is "The relief of sickness, particularly of persons suffering from any form of Glycogen Storage Disease". In more detail we:
  • Protect and promote the best interests of persons affected with GSD.
  • Act as a vehicle of communication on GSD related matters by publishing and distributing relevant material.
  • Contribute to the advancement of treatments and cures through sponsorship of research, studies and trials.
  • Act as a focus for educational, scientific and charitable activities related to GSD.
  • Liaise with other GSD associations around the world."
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