Taking Part and volunteering

Come to Richmond Park and cycle, run or walk your way around it and help to raise money for glycogen storage disease.

On August 13th we wil be there doing just that!  Come and join in the fun.

Choose your preferred means of motion and the distance you want to cover; it will be your personal challange.  Walk along some of the gentler paths or keep cycling into the evening.

Richmond park is a beautiful spot, the far reaching views over London are surrounded by the country, wildlife, herds of deer and parakeets.

We are also very grateful for any time you would like to offer volunteering.  Volunteering activites include:
  • Safety and navigation stewarding. This involves helping participants with directions at route splitting points, ensuring safe road crossings, keeping track of participants with GPS app, registering timings etc.
  • Litter picking check. Checking for litter and collecting. Though littering should not occur at this event
  • Fundraising for this event or any GSD related charity, or publicity for a participating friend.

If you are interested in booking yourself to do any volunteering activities please fill in the volunteering section of the registration form.  Thanks very much!



There are several circuits you can take, as many times as you can manage, and at any time between 9 am and 7pm.

Please see the map and key below for more information.
Base Point
As the name suggests, this route is excusively for cyclists to tour the perimieter of Richmond Park along its very pleasant and well controlled roads.  A big favourite among local cycling enthusiasts.  Approximately 7 miles/ 11.25 km long.
Road Cycling
One the park's most popular routes that also tours the perimeter.  An all inclusive route for joggers, walkers, and cyclists.  Apporximately 7.3 miles/11.7 km long.
Tamsin Trail
Turquoise Trail
A sweet and short route for runners and walkers, designed for those who only want to do short distances at a time and stay close to the base point.  Approximately 10 mins walking.

Blue Trail
An extension of the turquoise trail that ventures further, but still stays close the base point
Pink Trail
Similarly, this is an extension of the Blue Trail that guides participants through several of the park's woods, but also explores some the park's beautiful, open expanses.
Located just a few minutes away from an array of the park's facilities, including a canteen, w/c, parking and cycle hire.  As a point which all of the trails pass by, the base point will provide some refreshments, plus a small picnic under the shade for resting and meeting other participants and spectators.
Base Point
If this all suits, go ahead and register !  Any further questions don't hesitate to contact .